Running Mixtapes by TO3Y

Cutting his teeth on House music during a time when warehouses with one bathroom seemed suitable for a crowd of 1,000 enthusiasts, Toby has had his ears glued to four-on-the-floors and breaks for the better part of two decades. Never one to be able to stand still in the presence of any decent DJ, his influences range from the West-Coast Massive DJs of the 90’s, to the current influx of the titans of EDM. The mixes Toby puts together are evangelical love letters to movement. You could try to not move but it’s safer to just give in, get it on, and run.

♥ TO3Y's bio generously written by fellow runner and World Reknown Literary Bad Ass: Jodi Nelson

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Real Listeners named Dave

I hammer a mile or two out a few times a week, and it can be pretty routine, but I'll get a new mixtape from TO3Y and it will reinvigorate my routine to the point where it's all new again.

♥ Dave

Real Listeners named Gina

TO3Y's music has always put a smile on my face and made me want to dance. After years of just chasing after my kids, I recently started a work out program — and without his running mixes, I never would have kept with it this long!

♥ G!na